Best Glass Blender: The Complete Buyer’s Guide

These days, the popularity of frozen fruit smoothies has gained so much popularity. Statistics say that every 1 in 10 adults start their day by drinking frozen fruit smoothies. This rise in popularity of frozen fruit smoothies has resulted to the increased demand for glass blenders that can deliver the best smoothie consistency.

4 Best Glass Blenders:

#1 – Frigadaire Professional Large Capacity 5 Speed Blender
#2 – Conair Cuisinart PowerBlend 600 SPB-10CH 600 Watt 1.75 Quart Table Top Blender
#3 – Oster BRLY07-B 600 Watt 7 Speed Fusion Black Blender
#4 – Oster Reverse Crush Counter Form Blender with 6 cup glass jar, 7 speed setting and brushed stainless steel black finish

If you are one of these people and consider yourself a frozen fruit smoothie aficionado, then you are very likely looking for a perfect glass blender that can deliver your frozen fruit smoothie expectations. If you are, then read on because below is a list of the best glass blenders that you can find in the market.

There are four glass blenders to choose from three trusted brands – Frigadaire, Conair and Oster. They are a good mix of expensive and affordable high powered glass blenders. Regardless of the price though, they are all built to blend with ease those hard ingredients such as nuts, dates, and oats. These ingredients are the key to create the perfectly SMOOTH smoothie.

They offer a range of features that can answer the expectations of even the most exacting smoothie lover. There is a choice between glass blenders that can serve a party of more than 5 people as well as single serve blenders. The list includes glass blenders with state of the art stainless steel blades that can make crushed ice in a snap.

Features wise, you will be spoiled for choice between these four best glass blenders featured here. For sure there is one that is perfect for you. One stark difference between these glass blenders is their ability to blend or breakdown tougher ingredients.

Take for example the high powered glass blender from Frigadaire, it can pretty much blend to a pulp any ingredient from hard nuts to fibrous vegetables and of course, any fresh fruit combo. The same can be said about the three other glass blenders but may not perform as well as Frigadaire. It is the reason why Frigadaire is the most expensive of the four best glass blenders.

If you blend only soft ingredients, such as fruits and veggies, then going the inexpensive route is a good option. No need to get the expensive high powered glass blender for this sort of work. You will be able to enjoy super smooth smoothies using the cheaper Conair or Oster models of the glass blenders that are listed down here.

If you are one of the more adventurous individuals and have a preference for using a variety of ingredients not just fruits in your smoothies, then getting the expensive industrial grade Frigadaire glass blender will be a more practical option for you.

In addition, the high performance blenders such as Conair and Oster Reverse can also be used to create pesto paste, peanut butter and similar non-smoothie mixtures if you decide to do so. They are the sort of high powered, multi-purpose, professional grade glass blenders found in professional kitchens and used often by professional chefs and serious home cooks.

So, read on to make an informed decision before making your purchase of a glass blender. If you think shelling out $300 to $500 for a blender is a bit much for just blending frozen fruit every day, then don’t fret because there are a lot of affordable yet high powered glass blenders to choose from.

Because acquiring a blender need not be such a big investment, especially if it is not going to be used for anything more than blending soft fruits. So read on below for a rundown of the four high performing glass blenders.

#1 – Frigadaire Professional Large Capacity 5 Speed Blender – Winner of Best Glass Blender 2017

The Frigadaire 5 Speed Blender is a certified refurbished model from the brand. Since it’s been launched into the market it has been considered as the industry standard for glass blenders. As such, it is one of the most popular brands for frozen fruit aficionados and is highly recommended as a best purchase for a best glass blender.

If you use a blender more than once a day then this blender is the perfect tool in the kitchen. It is industry grade and is built to withstand the demands of everyday use.

A far less expensive glass blender with the same ability to deliver smooth as silk smoothies, blended liquid, plus shaved ice as the popular Vitamix models is the Frigadaire Professional Large Capacity 5 Speed Blender.


It has a Total Crushing Technology that is capable of crushing to the smoothest liquid any fruit and vegetable. With the Frigadaire 5 Speed blender ice is crushed to a consistency that will be cocktail ready. You need only pour it on to the glass. It has an extra-large 56 ounce container that can serve a large group of 5 to 7 people. Its 1100 watt motor power is designed for professional performance. It also has a performance designed glass pitcher.

If you are a beginner in frozen fruit smoothie making and want to experiment on choosing your favorites, then the Frigadaire Professional large capacity 5 Speed Blender is the best glass blender for starters especially with its 12 blending functions.

Ease of use because of its pulse feature and variable speed control. It can blend to a pulp any ingredient you place inside the container in a matter of seconds. It has a tamper that allows you to press down the food ingredients towards the blade so that they are blended together faster. And of course, there are adjustable speed dials that allow for blending of all sorts of fruits, nuts, oats, and even veggies.

It has a 5-year warranty and a 30-day guarantee in case issues will arise. The spill proof vented lid on a low BPA free 64 ounce container is what makes it such an effective best blender for frozen fruit. Include to the list a 2.2 horsepower motor which is commercial grade. And probably, this best glass blender’s key feature is its hard working stainless steel laser cut cutting blades and hammer mill which does all the magic for you.

The Frigadaire 5 Speed is easily at the top of any serious user of glass blenders.

#2 – Conair Cuisinart PowerBlend 600 SPB-10CH 600 Watt 1.75 Quart Table Top Blender

Another great option for an industrial grade, high powered and high performance glass blender is the Conair Cuisinart Power Blender. This is a favorite among the pros as it can make not only the smoothest fruit smoothies but also soups and a variety of food pastes such as pesto and chili. And when it comes to crushing ice no other best glass blender can compare to this model.

This is a medium sized blender with the ability to make work easy when blending all sorts of frozen fruits. Just push the food ingredients towards the blade and you are sure to get an even smooth blend. Perfect for any fruit smoothie you have in mind.

With the Conair Cuisinart PowerBlend 600, count on uninterrupted use after pressing the blend button. With no stop and starts you are guaranteed to get the smoothest blend possible. One of the reasons this particular blender is in everyone’s list of best glass blender for frozen fruit smoothies.


Its settings are designed for a three programmed automatic processing. This means you get the smoothest, chunky free ingredients professionally blended by the Conair Power Blender. It also has a user friendly pulse feature and variable speed control device. A spill proof vented lid in a 64 ounce BPA free container. Its performance is accounted for by the 2 peak horse power motor which is also commercial grade.

It is in essence a great frozen smoothie maker or simply an ice shaver that can provide crushed ice at the press of a button. So, if you are big on cocktails and not just fruit smoothies, then this is the glass blender to have in your kitchen.

It is capable of nutrient and vitamin extraction with its Auto IQ Technology. With this glass blender, the Conair Cuisinart Power Blender extractor blades are designed for optimum nutrient and vitamin extraction. You not only get the smoothest smoothies from this glass blender but also the healthiest as well.

The same ability to extract nutrient and vitamins also translates to some of the tastiest fruit smoothies you will ever have the joy of drinking. The reason this glass blender for frozen fruit smoothies is so good at doing its job is because it has a 600 watt motor. It is designed to crush just about any food ingredient including ice!

#3 – Oster BRLY07-B 600 Watt 7 Speed Fusion Black Blender

For the best glass blender for frozen fruit smoothies at the fraction of the price, the Oster BRLY07-B 600 is sure giving its competition a run for its money. Similar to the Vitamix options this blender can turn any fruit, nut, veggies, even certain proteins into a smoothie, paste or puree at the touch of a button.

It includes a tamper much like its more expensive rivals that allow you to push down the food into the blades to get a smooth blend. It also has a variable speed dial that let you control the speed of the blend resulting to the texture that you prefer.


It has a kneading feature which will allow users to knead bread, pizza, and cookie dough with it. For those moments where you only have to prepare a smoothie or cocktail for yourself, single serve is possible with this glass blender. Perfect for when you are in a rush early in the morning. Other features include 600 watt professional power motor, Total Crushing technology, and 6 dishwasher safe cups for nutrient and vitamin extraction.

With its price range, sleek industrial design, and generous number of blending features, the Oster BRLY07-B 600 is actually too good to be true until you get to test it in your kitchen and realize you’ve just made the best glass blender purchase for your kitchen.

#4 – Oster Reverse Crush Counter Form Blender with 6 cup glass jar, 7 speed setting and brushed stainless steel black finish

Saving the best for last, the Oster Reverse Crush Blender is the best glass blender for frozen fruit smoothies and everything else you want to make in between. Hands down, the preferred blender of many chefs and serious home cooks because it is just super dependable in the kitchen for almost any blending, crushing, cutting, chopping, and smoothing task you need to do.

If you are looking for a high performing commercial grade blender that will be easy on the wallet while packed with high performance features, then look no further than the Oster Reverse Crush Counter Form Blender. It has the ability to deliver like its more expensive counterparts. You will be amazed at what this little blender can do for you in the kitchen.


Its 64 ounce container is the perfect size and shape for blending frozen fruits, nuts, vegetables, even meat in differing batches. You can blend in medium batches or in large batches and the result will be the same with the Oster Reverse Crush.

Not all blenders are able to give you options on the texture of the ingredients after the blend. This blender does. It has a dial that is possible to rotate towards any given point while blending so that you are able to determine the level of smoothness of the blend. Its adjustable speed dial allows you to achieve the exact texture of the ingredient you want to achieve.

In terms of motor power, no other best glass blender for frozen fruits and other ingredients can compare to the Oster Reverse Crush. It has the precision and power to pulverize into a pulp even the hardest and tiniest of ingredients.

If you want a steaming hot liquid blend such as soups, the blades on this high performance blender are designed to reach high speeds that result to heat causing friction in the span of 6 minutes. With this blender it is possible to pour piping hot soup directly from the container to the soup bowl.

It has a 1000 watt power motor which delivers more power than the affordable alternative models discussed earlier. It has a pre-programmed Smart Settings Technology that allows you to deliver the exact blend, smoothness or texture of the food ingredient at the touch of a button.

You will be amazed at how accurate the results are to your expectations. Perhaps its signature feature, one that other glass blender for frozen fruits cannot boast of, is the 6 point blade reverse or Dual Direction Stainless Steel Blade Technology that automatically reverses direction to clear jams and jarring after use.

How does it pulverize all types of whole fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and protein? With its Crush Pro 6 Blades which are stainless steel and have a 6 point design plus, of course, with its all metal drive and 7 Speed low and high pulse.

This best glass blender is great for serving large groups of people with its very generous 6 cup glass jar. It is the perfect workhorse in the kitchen during a party, capable of meeting the demand of large groups in any gathering. And to add to the already numerous features, it has a 2 ounce filler cap with measure markings that allow you to pour in ingredients while blending is in progress.

So, there they are. The four best glass blenders for frozen fruit smoothies you will find in the market. They are all packed with features that make them the best performing glass blenders a kitchen can have. And all of them cannot only deliver perfectly blended fruit smoothies but shaved ice, pastes, and soups as well.

Depending on your budget and the particular performance requirement you may have for your blender there is one that certainly meets all of your requirements. Check out these glass blenders and find out for yourself.

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