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It all began in 1919 when Stephen Poplawski began designing a drink mixer machine. Three years later, his invention was patented and was first used to produce malted milkshake. Today, these mixers are called blenders. Poplawski furthermore produced a liquefier blender that same year, which liquefies soft and solid food.

Fast forward to today, and blenders are an entire industry with thousands of products to choose from. With today’s broad selection, we wanted to answer the question “what is the best blender brand?”.

And the winners are…

5 Best Blender Brands

#1 – Blendtec
#2 – Vitamix
#3 – Cleanblend
#4 – Ninja
#5 – Waring

THE WINNER: Blendtec

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Founded by Tom Dickson in 1975, Blendtec manufactures professional blenders for home use. Tom’s discovery of the Blendtec blender began when he saw himself inventing the perfect mixer by turning freshly-pulverized flour into bread in just a few minutes. It was also Tom who advanced the so-called “autoknead” feature where the mixer will be able to mold dough, enhance the gluten, and automatically turn itself off after the process.

Over the years, Tom continued modifying the mixer by adding a square jar, rather than using the traditional round one. As Tom’s business in the mill industry continued to flourish, his idea of developing the blender gave birth to the commercial blender at the same time the smoothie was rising to fame.

Blendtec has become popular due to its marketing campaign on YouTube with its “Will It Blend?” series. Tom himself starred in the videos, blending various products such as marbles, golf balls, and Apple-manufactured gadgets. According to Tom, this enables him to test and improve the blades of his blenders. To date, Blendtec continues its operations primarily in Utah. Moreover, Blendtec boasts different series and features of numerous blenders so customers have a wide range of products to choose from.

With the tagline “The Last Blender You’ll Ever Own”, many people consider this as the best blender brand. For example, many can attest to the functional features of the Blendtec Total Blender compared to other blenders. This specific blending machine is considered to be the best blender brand for making smoothies.

Whether one contains seeds, nuts, or ice cubes, the blender still produces the same chunk-free, creamy, and thick consistency. Moreover, Tom’s “autoknead” feature was adopted in his modern blenders. The Blendtec blender automatically turns off once a blending task is finished – one specific feature that a lot of people favors with Blendtec blenders.

There is also the so-called Blendtec touchpad wherein one touches an electric button. Once pressed the smoothie button, the blender itself will function without any manual assistance. There are also several buttons like ice cream or yogurt, milkshake, fondue, and sauces production. Additionally, there is a juice maker button so obtaining a Blendtec blender is the same as buying ice cream, juice, yogurt, and soup machines in just one piece of appliance.

No wonder Blendtec can be dubbed as the best blender brand in the market today. Many people continue to patronize Blendtec blenders because the company continues to upgrade their blenders each time.

Purchasing the best blender brand can be pricey since Blendtec products range from over $200 to a little less than $500. However, many people claim that it is indeed worth the money. Blendtec produces high-quality appliances that can satisfy both the tummy and the heart of its customers. Additionally, Blendtec products have eight years of warranty.


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In 1921, William Barnard made a name for himself when he traveled around the country to sell numerous kitchen products while facing the worsening economic situation which soon led to the Great Depression in the United States. William was trying to help his friend who was suffering from an illness when he realized the value of connecting food nutrition with one’s well-being.

With this realization, William named his business “The Natural Food Institute” and successfully turned into an innovator when it comes to both food and health. In 1937, William first met the product that would change his perspective on the preparation of healthy foods – the blender. William then decided to pursue the manufacturing and selling of this product. Soon enough, “The Natural Food Institute” was renamed “Vitamix” primarily because vita means life.

The story did not end there. William’s son, Bill, convinced his father to put up what would be the very first infomercial in history. It is through the television that Americans back then first glanced on the Vitamix blenders.

Later on, stocks of these blenders ran out every now and then, and Vitamix continued mass production while sending more advertisements throughout the country. Having a rich history, a lot of people favor Vitamix, considering it as the best blender brand.

Fast forwarded, the Barnard family still produces high-quality blenders in the market. Vitamix blenders are so versatile so there are indeed many choices for customers to choose from. It would all depend on each buyer’s preference.

For example, the G-Series line, also known as Next Generation, is fit for premium blending tasks which demand for powerful motors. The C-Series line, under the category of classic blenders, is for preparation of whole-food and healthy meals with the classic-style and feel to it.

This line is considered as one of the best-selling blenders in the market. Lastly, the S-Series line, falling under personal blenders, has two containers so it can create small meals for the family, or be a portable container during travels. These varieties of blenders convince people to dub it as the best blender brand in the market.

Furthermore, Vitamix shows off significant features such as well-crafted blades they dubbed as so strong and durable that sharpening them is not an option anymore. Moreover, Vitamix has controls which anybody without blending experiences can operate. This is through the automated program that comes with different options. As an added bonus, Vitamix blenders have the self-cleaning feature, which only requires water and cleansing solvent. Lastly, Vitamix products have a five-year warranty.

Vitamix continues to attract customers despite being on the pricey side. The prices of their blenders range from $299 to over $1,400. To faithful customers, Vitamix have been and will always be the best blender brand. After all, there is a huge market out there and being able to determine the perfect blender and patronize it for a long time can surely reflect the quality of the product that the company makes. Vitamix is sure to stay in the market for, who knows, about another generation worth of time.


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Back in 2013, in the garage of a house in San Diego, California, Doug Hall and Alex Podell co-founded Cleanblend. It was their intention to produce the best alternative to expensive and traditional nutrition products with the lowest possible price. Their mission was to help the people access preemptive health care by purchasing inexpensive but high-quality blenders.

Their primary intention was to allow people from all walks of life to utilize readily available organic ingredients and make these into green smoothies. This appealed to many commercial customers and called it as the best blender brand for those with tight budget.

The Cleanblend blender is said to be comparable with the Vitamix blender. Moreover, it is a BPA-free, chatter proof jar with stainless steel blades and a sealed metal drive. Its container weighs 64 ounces and it shows off a 3 horsepower (1,800 watts) motor, unlike many blenders which only have 2 horsepower. It also has a free tamper in the package. Additionally, its controls are manual and the speed can vary depending upon one’s taste.

When it comes to style, the Cleanblend blender looks professional and it has a heavy and solid feel to it. Moreover, it has a dial setup indicating speed and pulse selections. However, Doug and Alex designed it to be tall enough not to fit under an ordinary countertop, but this problem can be resolved by placing it side by side.

Another great feature of this blender is that it automatically turns off before it overheats. This saves the machine from wearing out or breaking easily. The Cleanblend blender also has a five-year warranty, which can be upgraded to ten years for just a few more bucks. With these features, it is not a question anymore why many people who have tried this product poured a lot of positive reviews despite it being a newcomer in the blending machine industry.

Compared with the other companies selling high-priced blenders, Cleanblend only produces a single blender, and this one is good enough for daily blending tasks. Imagine cutting up almost half of the price while having almost the same functional blender! This is by far the best blender brand at an affordable price for about as low as $180.


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Ninja is another brand that competes to be the best blender brand in the market nowadays. SharkNinja, the company which produces this blender, has undergone a lot of changes, most especially in 2015.

The company, which started with the name Euro-Pro, has a colorful history which can be traced back in 2003. Having just a few employees and selling common household products, CEO and major stockholder Mark Rosenzweig, moved from Montreal to Newton, Massachusetts. This began the growth of the Euro-Pro company.

Five years had passed when Euro-Pro started creating high-end household products, specifically Ninja blenders with advanced technology. This move helped the company gain its name and loyalty. Soon enough, these blenders have flown off the shelves and into the homes of modern American families.

Moreover, the reason why the brand Ninja is named as that is because of the powerful motors of each blender. In fact, three of the five products under the Total-Crushing line have 1,500 watts of power and their advanced Total-Crushing technology enables the blenders to blast through even whole, solid pieces of ice, vegetables, and fruits.

However, in 2015, Euro-Pro changed its name to SharkNinja, which is the combination of the two product brands that firm produces. Ninja blenders continue to make their way to the top, but still their features are innovative enough for Ninja to be called the best blender brand in its own right.

SharkNinja continues to produce high-quality blenders with the aid of the latest technology. Several of these products feature Auto-IQ, which enables the blender to do its thing without any manual help. The price of these blenders can go from $30 to over $400, depending upon the technology used on each. This is especially important to those with limited budget, while convenient to those who can afford. Moreover, Ninja blenders have a five-year warranty, while selected products have lifetime warranties. These features attract many people to give out positive feedbacks as the highest-quality performing blender and the best blender brand that they were able to use.


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The Waring blender is widely known to be the first blender in America. Fred Waring introduced the very first blending machine named “Miracle Mixer” during the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. However, “Miracle Mixer” was renamed as “Waring Corporation” and the kitchen appliance was officially recorded as the “Waring Blender”. Little did the people know back then that this mixer will turn out to be a candidate for the best blender brand in the 21st century.

In the 50’s, Waring’s blending machine became prevalent in hospitals and has become an important instrument for Dr. Jonas Salk, the developer of the polio vaccine. The Waring blender also skyrocketed during the same period, when the first millionth product was recorded by the company.

Developments for the blender were pursued and advanced engineering technology gave birth to a more versatile, affordable, and efficient kitchen appliance. While the attention of the company is divided by different kitchen tools such as ice cream maker, citrus juicer, can opener, and many more, the Waring blender remained to compete as the best blender brand today.

To date, Waring Corporation offers bar blenders, food and beverage blenders, and specialty blenders and ice crushers. These products promise the most upgraded level of performance when it comes to various blending tasks.

The bar blender line has four products while the food and beverage line has six. Lastly, the specialty blender and ice crusher line features the Waring Xtreme blender. Waring assures consistency when it comes to the blends produced by using these products.

Many people claim that Waring blenders are fit for their everyday uses, most especially the Waring Xtreme. It can create smooth blends and soups with consistency. Moreover, it is easy to be used by anyone without any blending background because it has just two controls. Moreover, because it functions with 1,500 watts, it can blend, puree, and crush whole food. Lastly, this specific blender is quiet compared to other brands.

Most of the Waring products are made of a durable material called polycarbonate, which can withstand several drops. Ranging from a little less than $50 to more than $1,300, Waring can provide affordable or expensive blenders, which would really depend on the buyer’s capability to pay. Lastly, Waring offers a two-year warranty for the entire unit and five-year warranty for the motor.

The Waring blender has already established trust because of the drastic improvements it has undergone for the past years. For many people, having a well-established name together with functional features is enough for Waring to be called as the best blender brand in the market.


It is unusual to know that a person does not own at least one blender at home. Blenders play an important role in the lives of people especially those living a healthy lifestyle. These can cost for as low as $20 to as expensive as over $1,000. Nonetheless, these little kitchen helpers have become a kitchen must-have all around the world.

When blender manufacturing companies flooded the market, people began to take into consideration the value of blender that they will get for their money. Aside from affordability, the durability of blenders concerns many, which led into the pursuit of the best blender brand fit for personal needs.

There are different types to consider when it comes to determining the best blender brand for kitchen use. The high-quality performing blender features fast-spinning razorblades and powerful motors. The conventional one is for lower intensity tasks. Finally, the personal blender is not created for hardcore tasks, but merely for traveling purposes.

Blenders are usually taken for granted. However, the appliance has undergone a lot of changes over the years. From rare invention to mass production, blenders have sprouted near and far – with different sizes and qualities.

Different companies compete with different trump cards. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses and it will be up to the buyers to determine the perfect blender for their kitchens. Homeowners are usually in a tight spot when it comes to kitchen appliances. Because of today’s economic situation, it is no wonder that everybody wants to get the value of what they paid for.

When it comes to high-priced blenders, Blendtec, Vitamix, Waring, and Ninja might be the perfect brands. However, if the budget is tight, Cleanblend, and selected Ninja and Waring products are available in the market.

Nonetheless, these are the top blender brands in the market. These brands have made names for themselves and these have proven that they deserve to be in the top five list.

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